Monday, October 20, 2014

Heart To Heart : Is it really gonna be November soon?

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. Here's a quick lil' update  on my life right now. If you noticed that I have not been regularly posting blog posts as I used to due to this 'crazyness' and 'busyness' of preparing for my big day. I never thought I would be this busy because to be honest I always thought it is easy and not stressful at all. Well, silly me for being so naive. 

Right after my engagement I thought, it's okay, 6 months to go. Then it became 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, and now 2 months to go! T_T I certainly feel the jitters now, starting to feel nervous. I am in the midst of preparing my documents and will be going to my HIV test tomorrow. Oh I can't believe this is real! I have been waiting for this day for so long. If you know my story, if you know what I have been through these past 10 years then I know you would be happy for me to finally found someone who understands me completely. Someone who supports my career path, my mengada  and manja attitude, my garangness and temper. I love it that you know how to make me feel okay and pujuk me whenever we have our small disagreements. You just know what to say. Oh gosh see even typing this out makes me wanna cry... I could not ask for more.  Thank you for taking the first step, thank you for asking me out on the first date even though we were surrounded by more that 20 dogs that day. *hahahaha* that was so funny. :P I will forever cherish that moment. :) I love you sayang. LOVE YOU. :') (p/s: please don't puke okay, I rarely talk about my personal life. muahahaha :P)

Okay enough of this lovey dovey segment. *hahahaha* now lets focus on something else. To my girls out there, make sure to get a list what you need to do so that you won't leave out any details. I myself have my own check list, things that I need to do. I have my own wedding file so I keep on track on everything. If you want me to do a blog post on that, let me know ya. I don't want to make this as a bride to be series because I think it is kinda personal but if you have anything you want to know, you can always ask me. I will try my best to help. :) Just remember to enjoy the planning process. I am not gonna lie, you need a lot of patience and it will be stressful at times. It is your wedding but remember that you have to take in your parents and family opinions too. It's not just about you, it's all about your family. Discuss and tolerate with each other. Be respectful to one another and trust me, the planning will go smoothly. :)

As for now my planning is about 50%, it's an on-going process. My first dress fitting will be in early November and I just can't wait for the outcome ... ^_^ I am in the midst of surveying for my nikah doorgifts, any ideas? Oh what else, hantaran for my fiance is almost done, mine has a couple of things more because I want to wait for the Christmas sale! *hehehe*  Other than that, I just need to stop eating like a maniac and go to gym. Haiyoooo I have been so malas wey. like NO KIDDING. This flabby perut and thigh is killing me. T_T 

Ahhhhh, it feels good to type this all out. I just want to explain why I have not been posting regularly. And this is also some of the reason I have been declining some events because I am just so busy. Ala, another 2 months to go. By January you will be seeing a lot of me. *hehehe* I hope you girls enjoy this quick update about me. Please pray that everything will go smoothly, pretty please? Insyaallah, Amin!

Does anyone knows where I could get this kind of headpiece??? Helpppp... :D

Thanks for reading sayangness! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Klarity Lasertox V-Line Shape Up at Luxola

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! Today I have a special beauty product dedicated to the girls who are so worried about their double chin and chubby cheeks. Well, for me my double chin has been around since forever (I guess it runs in family genes). Anyway, I'm so excited when I received this parcel because I know I will be needing as my big day is coming soon. ^_^ So let's jump right to it, shall we? :) Lasertox V-Line Shape Up is a product by Klarity which is one of latest brands that Luxola brought in their store. What fascinates me that Klarity products are certified Halal! When I was looking online searching about this Lasertox, I didn't really manage to get much information on it but hey, that's why I'm here right? *hehehe*

Lasertox V-Line Shape Up is an intensive 5 days treatments that shapes and lifts the face. Yes darling, this is the product if you want to keep away that double chin and have the V shape on your chin. I know it sound crazy, 5 days? I have been battling double chin my whole life, and I have really high hope on this! The package comes in 3 products that contains BODYFIT™1 which penetrates into the skin to shape the V-line and improve your facial structure. The special ingredient, Adenosine is the one that helps to reduce the appearance of double chin and contour your face at the same time. 

3-in-1 kit : V-line Shape Up Sheet,  V-line Face Belt and V-line Shape Up Cream

V-line Shape Up Sheet is the first step that you need to do. Apply it under your jaw line. It is halal and not tested on animals which is awesome! Made with natural ingredients. 
Follow up with Velvet Silicone belt which is perfectly fit in the V-line. 
It has acupuncture points that helps blood circulation. Let it under your chin for 30-45 minutes.

After 30-45 minutes, remove the face belt and apply V-line Shape Up Cream to hydrate the skin and restore skin's firmness. It is made with natural herbal extracts.



Check out this video for more depth information on how to use it! 
*I'm sorry I don't have any photos of me using the product because I will be exposing my neck and hair line if I do that (religion reasons).*

Now you know how to do it, lets take a look whether this 5- days treatment really works on me!

Now, can you tell difference? I certainly can! Oh my gosh, I would never expect this product would work. I can tell the difference by just looking at the side photos. Oh my god!! T_T If I can get this result in 5 days, I would definitely do it over and over again.  When I applied the mask sheet under my chin, I immediately sense this burning sensation feeling. It lasted through the 30 minutes but eventually it gets lesser. I do have sensitive skin so maybe that's why the burning sensation lasted during the whole process. But don't worry, it's not painful. :) I read some reviews saying that they felt the same burning sensation too. After taking of the face belt and the mask sheet, I gently massage the remaining residue onto my skin. After that, I apply the Lasertox V-Line Shape Up Cream onto my neck till my jawline. The cream is fast absorbing (which is always a good thing in my book).  I am not sure how long would this remedy for our double chin area will stay on but for a quick remedy, I would say YES!  The only problem for me is that I really need to be discipline to do it because this is a 5 days treatment. I actually missed out 2 or 3 days because I was so busy and when I got home the only think I want to do is sleep. *huhu* To be honest, the Lasertox V-Line Shape Up really suprised me because I don't think that it would work! I'm a happy girl! This routine will DEFINITELY be included in my skincare routine a week before my wedding day. *hehe*

Hey hey hey, if you want to try it out, I have a special discount code for you guys!

Key in :

 >> LX-SABBY <<

at checkout to enjoy 20% off storewide on your first orders. *on selected items

The code is valid until 31st October 2014! :)


For more information Klarity Lasertox V-line Shape, please visit :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Friday : GUESS Nashville Fall Collection 2014

Photos by Mobstar mobile photo booth. The gadget is soooo cool! 

Assalamualaikum and hello love! Last week I was invited to GUESS celebration of Fall 2014 Collection which took place in GUESS, Pavilion. The party is inspired by the Nashville town which is where GUESS began its journey to greatness. Guests were dressed as cowboys and cowgirls to take the party to the next level. Cowboys and cowgirls in KL? Why not!  Lets take a look what went down that night! ^_^

Performance by Dotter's Division. These girls are awesome! :)
Yummy treats! Ahhh everything is super adorable!

Of course, GUESS jeans are the reasons why I am here. They have so many designs and cuts that is suitable for any type of body. *Droolinggg*

Now lets enjoy a snippet of the fashion that night! The fashion show is inspired by Nashville where country meets rock 'n' roll and also it is inspired by bold, sexy and iconic GUESS influences. All of the outfits are beautiful and perfect for casual days especially the denims. I am in love!

There is also an on going showcase of exclusive collaboration between guess and local designers and artists such as Kittie Yiyi, Malaya Breed and The Extra Piece. These 3 outfits is made using GUESS denim and they are transformed into an exclusive limited edition pieces which are available for auction.  Proceed of the sales will be channeled to a charity chosen by the designers/artists. Check out the showcase in GUESS, Pavilion until end of October!

By Kittie Yiyi
By Malaya Breed

During the event, GUESS conducted an instagram contest where 3 winners will be selected and will walka away with prizes worth RM1,000! And guess what, I am one of the. *hehehehe*

The 3 winners, thanks GUESS Malaysia! :D

The emcee of the day, Hunny Madu! She is so cool and so down-to-earth!!
My darlings Suzai and Adriana, my partners in crime for that day. Thanks for making it a wonderful dayyyy! xoxo

Cowgirl inspired look. Not too cowgirl, but boleh laaa. haha I wasn't really sure what to wear but I know cowgirls are into jackets and denim so I just kinda mixed them up. What do you think? :P

Khaki green glitter shawl | Jalan TAR
Black fishtail sleeveless dress | Dressmeup
Khaki green cropped jacket | Nicole 
Denim skinny jeans | Nichii
Tan leather crossbody | Guess Luxe
Black chunky heel | Vincci

Thank you so much GUESS Malaysia for having me, I had a wonderful night. I love all of the pieces from the collection and I can't wait to get my hands on the jeans. Yeee Hawwwww! ^_^

For more information on , GUESS please visit :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Philips VisaPure is now in Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. I apologized for being MIA, I have no other reasons than being super busy for my wedding preparation. Just hang in there okay? I'll be back in full swings once everything is settled. :D One of the things that is really important to me to prepare for my big day is definitely to have a good, radiant and healthy skin. I have been using 2 cleansing brushes to give my skin the best possible pampering and care so I will look good on my wedding day. 

Philips VisaPure, a gentle, easy-to-use skin cleansing device that massages the skin to remove dirt and makeup can help us to reach that goal. During the get together with other bloggers, Philips representative and Dr. Christina Chea, a local aesthetic physicians were there to explain the importance of taking care of our skin, answering our skincare inquiries and of course introducing us this beauty device to a cleaner, softer and radiant skin.  VisaPure is a cleansing device that gives a gentle and thorough cleanse for the face for a radiant complexion. It is completely waterproof and the selling point for this product is it's 'Dual Motion' technology. What is 'Dual Motion'? Philips VisaPure rotates and vibrates at the same time to gently removes makeup. dirt and other impurities. The vertical vibrating motion of the brush breaks up surface dirt, while the rotating motion sweep away the dirt and leave the skin deeply cleansed. Philips VisaPure has a Skin Zone Timer which indicates when it is time to switch to another area of your face.  There 2 settings that you can choose which is 'Gentle Cleansing' and a 'Deep Cleansing' mode. 

Brush heads available (from L - R) : Normal, Sensitive & Exfoliate
Philips VisaPure (model SC5275 - 2 speed settings with 1 normal brush head and 1 sensitive brush head) retails at : RM799
Philips VisaPure (model SC5265 - 1 speed settings with 1 normal brush head) retails at : RM699
Normal Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5990) retails at : RM59
Sensitive Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5991) retails at : RM65
Exfoliating Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5992) retails at : RM69

During the demonstration, Philips beauty consultant conducted 2 tests to see how VisaPure works on the skin. The first test is drawing two black lines using an eyeliner.

The eyeliner completely gone after using the Philips VisaPure while the one with fingers did not rubbed off completely. The second test is using foundation on an orange. As you know oranges has this small pores which somehow resembles to our pores. Lets see how well the Philips VisaPure cleanse off the foundation.

As you can see here, the left side has no more foundation trace while the one we used fingers still has foundation stain. You can really see that the foundation has deeply gone into the pores. Yikes!! T_T So does that mean my face has not been entirely clean all these years? -_-

I am very excited to share my experience using the Philip VisaPure with all of you. I will do an in-depth review about the product so stay tuned for my review in a couple of weeks! ^_^

This is my beauty consultant of the day, thank you so much for teaching me to use Philips VisaPure! :)

For more information on :

Philips VisaPure


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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