Friday, July 25, 2014

14 days challenge with Dove Hair Fall Rescue!

Assalamualaikum and hello dearies! Lets do a lil bit of girl's talk today. Are you facing any hair problems such as hairfall, dandruff, oily or itchy scalp? For me, the most tiring problem I am suffering from is hair fall and dandruff. Hair fall is inevitable, especially if I have long hairs. I really love long hair because I think it is very sexy *hehe* but since I'm wearing hijab, comfortness is my priority. I used to have long hair but I cut it short because I want to avoid hair fall problem. T_T 

With Dove Hair Fall Rescue System, you won't suffer hair fall problems anymore due to it's ground breaking technology called Trichazole Actives that "Helps anchor hair firmly in place at roots and nourish the area where the hair fall problem occurs." It is promised to deliver good results in hair fall reduction in 2 weeks! 

There are 3 products in the range :

Shampoo (RP : RM14.90 for 375ml)
Cleanses the scalp

Conditioner (RP : RM9.90 for 180ml)
Prevent breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip

Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic (RP : RM32.90) 
Reduce hair fall within 2 weeks by applying it directly onto scalp.

Hair fall is a major concern among women because it could result in having low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Therefore, Dove is happily to announce that they are organizing a campaign called Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu campaign to inspire women to be confident and feel beautiful over the 14 days in the 'Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove' Campaign. Well, how to join the campaign and what do we have to within than 14 days? During the 14 days, you need to do a series of activities that take you beyond your comfort zone. It could be selfies photos, and maybe some of the things you never done before! :P Good news to the selfie lovers out there! Who? You? Me? :D Well, I guess most girls love selfie, right? *hehe* Yeah I'm guilty, I am one of those girls! :P

Yeah yeah, ratu selfie! *hahaha* :P


Simply by logging into your Facebook account and go to this apps :

Register yourself by filling the form with your personal details. 

Click 'Sertai Sekarang' and you are ready to start your 14 days challenge!

For example, this is the first day task that you need to do. The task will be different everyday so be prepared for the 14 days! ^_^

This is my selfies for the first 3 days. *huhuhu jangang muntah darah :P* At the end of the 14 days, a personal digital video of all your photos will be created for you and you need to share the video in you Facebook account. The more you share, the higher chance you will win. ^_^

For better understanding on the task, lets take a look at DOVE video by clicking HERE! :)


So, what 's the catch if you win this contest? ;)

Prizes worth RM20,000! :D

(Say whatttt??? :D)

Instax Share Printer
RM200 Cash
Dove Hair Fall Rescue products worth RM100

Dove Hair Fall Rescue products worth RM100


For more information on Dove , please visit :


Till then,

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Solve your skin problems with ORIDERM!

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Remember I talked about my meet up with 2 ORIDERM users last week? One of them is ORIDERM ambassador, Norliza Khairudin who is the winner of 'Projek Metro'. She is now a radio announcer and also a well known TV host.  I personally have met her and I can guarantee you that she has good skin, with the result of ORIDERM. She has been using ORIDERM for 3 months and she swears by it that ORIDERM is the key for a cleaner and glowing skin. I have been struggling to find the perfect skincare that suits my skin, and she was experiencing the same problem too.

The reason why she wanted to try ORIDERM in the first place is because of the natural ingredients which is is the extract marine plant. It is known that the extract marine plant will help to reduce acne and dull skin problem and also pigmentation. Furthermore, the extract marine plant will help to balance out the PH level of the skin and at the same time helps to smoothen out the skin. In less than a week, she immediately felt the difference in her skin. Her uneven skin tone problem is solved and her skin becomes smooth and free of blemishes.  She feels fresher and cleaner after each usage and it really helps her to be more confident because of her good skin. She trust ORIDERM because of the effectiveness and and the affordable price. Teenager Set is only RM150, whereas Anti- Ageing Set is only RM280


If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact this number to purchase and for more information on the products :

You girls may also follow them on Instagram : Oriderm_Malaysia


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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Shopping day for Kotex '1 Minute Time Out' Campaign Winners!

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Ladies, today I want to talk about our 'V' part. Yes that V. You know what I'm talking about? :D Kotex has always been my 'go to' during that time of the month and also for daily usage.  Kotex is constantly creates great awareness about feminine health and wellness of the V-zone. What Kotex wants is for women to feel confident, empowered and proactive to take charge of their V-Zone health. That's why Kotex came out with the '1 Minute Time-Out' Campaign where just one minute of our daily routine can make a difference with the usage of Kotex Fresh Plus Liners, the only liners that gives women 3 times defense against yeast, odour and bacteria which helps to protect and maintain our V-zone health. 

Through this campaign, Kotex organized a contest where participants need to answer a few questions about V-zone and also create a slogan. The winners will get amazing shopping vouchers! ^_^

The contests were held from 4th April to 15th May and these are the winners of the Kotex '1 Minute Time Out' Contest!  So lucky!! :D There's only 5 winners here, another 3 could not make it. They got the chance to shopped in Forever 21 , Pavilion with the beautiful Nad Zainal and Siti Saleha who are the casts of 'Memberku Hawa'. ^_^

GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (Prize money RM2,000 each)
Dheepa Ramasamy (Negeri Sembilan)
Fatimah Shahari (Selangor)
Khairizan binti Ma Zin (Negeri Sembilan)
Tian Joan Sin (Kuala Lumpur)

Nurfakhira binti Meor Ahmad Kamal
Petherine Jimbau (Sabah)
Siti Sarah Muhd Noor (Kuala Lumpur)
Yu Swee Peng

Well now, are you ready to do some serious damage? :D

Siti Saleha helping out one of the winners. Siti Saleha said it is fun being a fashion stylist for a day and she had a lot of fun! :)

Nad Zainal giving out advice and tips on how to be stylish!

One of the staff at Forever 21 also helped out one of the winners to choose the right outfit! I want toooooooo ^_^

Oh seronoknyeeeeeee! :D I hope you girls had a fun day of shopping! 

Yummy pastries and bread at Komugi! ^_^

My Caramel Macchiato is pretty awesome too. :D

With the sweet Nad Zainal and Siti Saleha. ^_^


For more information on  Kotex , please visit :

Official Website :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TAG : Raya Tag 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I thought I'd do a fun tag today, talking about the best things about Raya! ^_^ I've been watching a few YouTubers doing this tag so I guess I just want to join the fun. :P

Here's the questions!

1. What are your raya traditions? 

2. How many and what kind of baju taya are u getting? 
3. What's your favourite makeup look for raya. 
4. What's your fav raya dish and kuih? 
5. Balik kampung mana? 
6. Fav kasut raya? 
7. How many houses do u visit? 
8. How many open houses in the month? 
9. Duit raya dapat brapa or dah tak dapat? 
10. Ultimate fav part about raya.

I'm tagging everyone to do this tag, so please do let  me know if you've done it! ^_^

Selamat Hari Raya darlings! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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